"Changing one behavior at a time".

Who Are We?

Since 1973, the Community Re-entry Program (CRP) has successfully operated a University-based program for the advancement of the Chronically Mentally Disabled to independent community living using a behavioral treatment approach.  The program is supported through county and state funding sources and is staffed by an administrative team, graduate and undergraduate student interns, and peer-consumer staff.

The CRP Program provides people diagnosed with a major disability, individual behavioral intervention services, targeting behavioral excess, deficits, and inappropriateness.  Our university-based Behavior Analysts are assigned to work one-on-one with individuals to help them learn adaptive behaviors in an effort to maintain their quality of life.  Currently, CRP offers five component services designed to teach skills necessary for successful re-entry and maintenance within the community.

Our Services

Behavioral Intervention Services


Independent Living Skills




Martin Gipson Socialization Center


Rise and Shine Vocational Rehabilitation