"Changing one behavior at a time".

Independent Living Skills Page
The ILS Program represents the entry point of mainstream services for the chronically mentally disabled.  The program teaches independent living skills within state-licensed residential care facilities. Independent living skills training is accomplished using a behavioral treatment model--to progressively move consumers through three phases of training. Graduated assistance is utilized as an approach to teach, practice, and apply targeted skills within the residential care facility and then demonstrated these behaviors in an unsupervised model apartment.  The service duration is between 8-14 months.

Independent living skills training moves client/consumers residing in the three CRP board and care homes through the three phases of the ILS program:  1) Skill Acquisition
2) Practice and 3) Demonstration


Housing Page
The Satellite Apartments (I and II) component program involves 2 apartment complexes designed around maintenance of independent living within the community. This component service is operated primarily by consumers, and is designed around a safe and secure living environment. Special services emphasize support and training in the areas of:  Medication compliance, Food Management, Household Management and Recreational opportunities


Martin Gipson Socialization Center Page

Martin Gipson Socialization Center is a drop-in center for the mentally disabled with the primary objective of providing these clients with opportunities to learn social, recreational, leisure time, and health-related behaviors. Additional services include an innovative sports center where clients learn individual and group sports skills, and a prevocational component where clients are given part-time employment opportunities for work readiness within the community. Gipson Center fulfills a maintenance support function for CRP clients who have completed the Independent Living, Satellite Apartment, and Rise and Shine Vocational services.

Martin Gipson Socialization Center services are provided through curriculum-based, small classes in the areas of: 1) Social skills, 2) Self-help, 3) Problem solving. 4) Vocational skills, 5) Medication education, 6) Health, and 7) Cooking.

People Who Love and Care (PWLC) and a “Conditional Release,” rehabilitative day service component are housed at the Gipson Center.  Within PWLC, full and part-time consumer staff, offer individual and systems advocacy related support for people with disabilities.  They also maintain an advocacy hotline for information and referral needs.  The Conditional Release program focusing on adaptive skills, stabilization behaviors and leisure time usage. The targeted group is forensic based consumer of mental health.


Rise and Shine Vocational Rehabilitation Page

 The Rise and Shine work program in which Mentally disabled persons are given an opportunity to enhance their work skills in preparation for long-term placement within the community.

The objective of Rise and Shine Industries Is to provide on-the-job training and supported employment opportunities in several vocational areas..

There are several areas of employment offered: 1) Clean Sweep Crew 2) Moving Crew 3) Car Wash Crew, 4) Shuttle Service, 5) Customer Service, 6) Janitorial Service and 7) Clerical Assistance

They are provided with minimum wage and are trained and monitored utilizing task analysis, on task measures, and productivity and performance feedback.


Community Behavioral Intervention Services Page
This program provides mentally disabled consumers of San Joaquin County individual skills training for a variety of deficit or problem behaviors (symptom management, assertiveness training, transportation training, appropriate hygiene, etc).  Consumers are provided skills training using applied behavioral analysis techniques.